“Of Broken Trees and Elephant Ivories” – Gabriella Smart, pre-European tour performance

Beaumont House

5:00 PM
Full $25 Concession $15

Gig Description

As part of her Prelude Residency at Beaumont House, Gabriella Smart performs commissioned works by Cat Hope, Luke Harrald, Elena Kats Chernin, Jon Rose, David Harris and Cathy Milliken, inspired by the legacy of the colonial piano in Australia. These works distill Australia’s colonial history through narratives of famous artists, Afghan cameleers, Aboriginal incarceration and morse code, resulting in a living history through music.
The colonial pianos chosen for Of Broken Trees and Elephant Ivories offer a kaleidoscopic view of Australia’s history including famous artists, Afghan cameleers, Aboriginal genocide, and morse code. The chosen pianos still exist in various locations around Australia, and their cultural and historical narratives have inspired new works by Australian and German composers. Smart commissioned composers from Australia and Germany to write new works inspired by the narratives of seven colonial pianos still extant in various parts of the country. They belonged to famous artists such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Percy Grainger and Hans Heysen, or contained intriguing narratives, such as the first piano to arrive in Alice Springs on the back of a camel from Oodnadata.

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