Hidden Sounds from the Z Ward

Z Ward, Old Glenside Hospitalvia 63 Conyngham Street, Glenside off Amber Woods Estate Driveway entrance in front of Alzheimer's Australia building.

6:30 PM
$65.00 includes drinks & supper

Hidden Sounds highlights music and architecture, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Architects, Soundstream and National Trust of SA.

Gig Description

For almost 90 years Z Ward, at the Glenside Hospital, was the home to those classified as South Australia’s criminally insane. It was designed by Edward John Woods, SA Architect in Chief from 1878 to 1886, and has a number of remarkable architectural features. Tonight, the empty cells will resonate with music from the Baroque to the present by candlelight, in a program curated by Gabriella Smart, Artistic Director, Soundstream. Works by Handel, JS Bach, Gluck, Kodaly, Cage, Haines (world premiere), and Aperghis (Australian premiere).

Niki Vasilakis (violin)
Simon Cobcroft (‘cello)
Anthony Zatorski (Baritone)
Christian Haines (electronics)

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