Hidden Sounds from the Z Ward With After-Life by artist Rod McRae

Z Ward, Old Glenside Hospitalvia 63 Conyngham Street, Glenside off Amber Woods Estate Driveway entrance in front of Alzheimer's Australia building.

7:00 PM
$43.00, $33 (Fringe TREV members) and $28 (concession)

With After-Life by artist Rod McRae
Christopher Williams World premiere
Thierry de Mey Musique de Tables (1987)
Steve Reich Clapping Music (1972)
Erik Griswold The Little toy piano book (2014)
Alvin Curran Inner Cities 3 (1991)

Gig Description

After-Life draws on Rod’s interest in taxidermy, working with ethically sourced specimens as diverse as polar bear, insects, skeletons and plant material to create installations that challenge human perceptions of the natural world and the non-human species that inhabit it.


Christopher Williams                  World premiere

Thierry de Mey                           Musique de Tables (1987)

Steve Reich                                                Clapping Music (1972)

Erik Griswold                                    The Little toy piano book (2014)

Alvin Curran                                                Inner Cities 3 (1991)


Amanda Grigg and Andrew Penrose, percussion

Gabriella Smart, toy piano

Christopher Williams, sound artist


Hidden Sounds is a series highlighting music and architecture, in partnership with Soundstream, the Australian Institute of Architects, and the National Trust of SA.


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