The Titjikala Project is an initiative by Titjikala Community in partnership with Soundstream AND Artistic Director and Pianist, Gabriella Smart whose family has a 50 year family connection with the community. THE PROJECT will create economic opportunities and improved health and education outcomes by establishing a number of music programs within the Titjikala community of the Northern Territory.
The Project focuses on the existing Women’s Choir, aged between 30 and 60+, the Titjikala Band, and the establishment of a UNIQUE Youth Saxophone Ensemble, drawn from 10 school age children and 10 post school teenagers.
Economic benefits will be achieved by establishing regular performances for tourists within the community, performances in Alice Springs (e.g. Alice Desert Festival) and to undertake a national touring program. Employment will be provided through training potential local leaders as teachers.
Health benefits will be achieved by linking performance with good nutrition, improved mental health and development of self-confidence and community standing through participating while also increasing school retention rates (a condition of participation) and quality education outcomes.
Stage 1: The Project commenced in 2015 with community wide consultation resulting in commitment by the community to partner with Soundstream. This was followed by a nationwide collection of donated instruments (36 in all), which were delivered to the community in 2016 and followed by workshops see the video below. The workshops were funded by private donations made through Creative Partnerships Australia.*
In April 2017 Immanuel Collage, Adelaide, made a long-term commitment to partner with the Project, donating 15 saxophones specifically for the Youth Ensemble. See video below.
Discussions are underway in regard to placing Titjikala students at the school.
Titjikala musicians featured at the APRA/amcos art music awards held in melbourne on the 11th august 201`6. The music for the awards was curated by gabriella smart and featured titjikala musicians derik lynch (vocals) barry campbell (guitar) with debra kayser (soprano) and derek pacsoe (saxophone).
In August 2017 the second workshop occurred over one week and included works shops for the Women’s Choir, the Titjikala Band and the Youth Saxophone Ensemble. So the video below for the full report.
The Titjikala Womens’ Choir are performing alongside an exhibition of their stunning silk batik fabrics at Ayers House on August 8. batik workshops held by The Art Bus and artists: Claire Harris, Miranda Harris, Helen Fuller and Angelica Harris-Faull with support from ArtsSA.
Five workshops have taken place in the community to date that have been funded by private, tax deductible donations made through the Australian Cultural Fund.
[1] * Creative Partnerships Australia administers the Australian Cultural Fund, a Government platform for Australian artists that encourages and facilitates tax-deductible donations to the arts.
The workshop[s have been made possible by the generous donations made though the Australian Cultural Fund.
Creative Partnerships Australia administers the Australian Cultural Fund, a collective giving platform for Australian artists that encourages and facilitates tax deductible donations to the arts.
TJUNGU PAKANI Together We Rise
The Titjikala Womens’ Choir enjoys a rich choral tradition that celebrates their traditional and Lutheran heritage through performance in Pitjantjatjara. They are also gifted artists, achieving acclaim for their unique silk screening and batik practice. Tjungu Pakani celebrated both this heritage and cultural exchange. The concert and exhibition were held at Ayers House, Adelaide on the 8th august 2018.
Second workshop held in August 2017..
APRA/AMCO Art Music Awards, August 2016, features Titjikala Musicians.
The Titjikala Community of the Northern territory in association with Soundstream have partnered with Immanuel College, Adelaide, who donated instruments for the Music for Health Project.
After a nation wide call out for instruments, Gabriella Smart and Derek Pascoe took to the road to deliver keyboards and saxaphones and to undertake yhe first workshops in the Titjikala community in 2015.