About: Emerging Composers 2021


Soundstream Emerging Composers’ Forum:

2021 Annual Fundraiser

“…when a young composer shows me a score I’m looking to be surprised, because surprise wakes me up to the world, surprise makes me see something or feel something in a way I never before expected… What does it take to move us from our customary place? (…“ecstasy” literally means: ek-stasis- to be moved out of one’s place.) And that is what we want when we confront a work of art, whether it’s a completely new creation or an impassioned performance of masterwork from the past.” John Adams, composer

Soundstream invites donors who are passionate about the creation of new music, to support emerging composers Australia wide through its Emerging Composers’ Forum.

A few seats are left for our ECF fundraiser concert, celebrating 2021 as the ECF’s 10th year. Featuring special guest Simone Slattery, celebrated violinist and co-founder of the Bowerbird Collective, exploring links between the arts and science.

The Soundstream Board has generously offered to match your donation, dollar for dollar, to reach our target.Tax deductible donations to the Soundstream Emerging Composers’ Forum can be made here through the Australian Cultural Fund