PRIMORDIAL – regional tour

A world premiere SA regional tour as part of South Australia’s History Festival in May 2021. BOOK TICKETS FOR:
BURRA Thursday 20th May 5.30pm
MELROSE Friday 21st May 5.30pM
BLINMAN Saturday 22nd May 5.30pm
WAROOKA Sunday 23rd May 5.30pm
PORT AUGUSTA Friday 28th May 5.30pm
WHYALLA Saturday 29th May 5.30pm
PORT LINCOLN Sunday 30 May 5.30pm
A musical soundscape that condenses several million years of shifting Tectonic forces as the first complex life form on earth emerged. This is Primordial, a unique merging of science and sound.
A collaboration between composer Constantine Koukias (AUS/NETH) and pianist Gabriella Smart, Primordial is an immersive work for grand piano, electronics and lighting, inspired by the Ediacaran fossil beds in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. These fossil beds are among the most important sites in the world and record the earliest evidence of complex life on earth. Ediacaran animals were the first multicellular organisms, whose home was the inland ocean of Australia 550 million years ago. When smothered by sand, they were fossilised as mineral death-mask imprints.
The sonic world of Primordial reflects this vast landscape on the edge of the Australian desert. Koukias imagines the sound of shifting tectonic plates through manipulated piano preparations and electronics to create sounds in cascading waves. The piano as we know it is reinvented, its resonance reflecting a haunting, fragile sound world.
Koukias is critically acclaimed for his striking operatic visual design. His compositions have earned acclaim for their mesmerising, atmospheric qualities. The intimate sounds of the piano are juxtaposed against the re-imagined primordial Ediacara soundscape. This is visceral, immersive art.
Piano: Gabriella Smart
Music: Constantine Koukias
Sound Technician: Daniel Pitman Lighting Design & Media Design: Jason James
Reviews of the Athens preview showing:
“Koukias’ sharp and at times fragile music miraculously reflected this vast landscape on the edge of the Australian desert” Thomas Tamvakos, ARCHIVE OF GREEK CLASSICAL COMPOSERS
“Gabriella Smart was ravishing and mystical… with a conquered technique”. Panagiotis Andriopoulos Athens 2020
“Ancient sounds stream from the piano and make us sit up and listen”. Sofia Theofanous, Association of theatrical and musical reviews – Estia Athens 2020