You can now watch and listen to Soundstreams hit of the 2020 RCC Festival.
A short film of the concert by Lilian Chau Sutherland and Anna Markou can be watched HERE.
And the full audio recording of the concert can be listened to HERE.
Steve Reich’s seminal work Music For 18 Musician was one of the standout concerts of the 2020 festival season. Performed on the 13 March to a sold out house in Adelaide’s Elder Hall, it was the last major event before COVID changed everything.
Producer: Gabriella Smart/Artistic director
Music Director: Vanessa Tomlinson
Vanessa Tomlinson: Xylophone 2
Amanda Grigg: Marimba 1
Peter Overall: Marimba 2
Ryan Grunwald: Maracas
Henry Millar: Marimba 3
Thomas Chalker: Vibraphone
Ciara Ferguson: Xylophone 1
Piano 1: Michael Ierace
Piano 2: Ting Yun
Piano 3: Yundi Yuan
Piano 4: Simon Pazos
Principal singers
Michelle Nicolle
Elizabeth McCall
Chelsea McGuiness
Caitlin Hearn
Samantha Webber
Bailey Coates
Violin: Simone Slattery
Cello: Anthony Albrecht
Associate Producer: Paris Williams
RCC Producer: Neil Jensen
Recording/Amplification: Daniel Pitman
Video editor/producers: Lilian Chau Sutherland Anna Markou