PRIMORDIAL – double your impact…..

ACF Boost campaign: Soundstream’s donor dollar is now double the impact!
In 2019, you generously supported Soundstream through the ACF to create ‘Primordial’ by Constantine Koukias for piano and diverse media, inspired by one of the oldest life forms on the planet, the 550 million years old Ediacarans.

“Anyone who has seen these fossils can only be awestruck…. they are a thing of great beauty and have inspired internationally renowned musicians and artists.”
– Mary Lou Simpson, Chair, Flinders Ranges Ediacaran Foundation


We acknowledge that this is a difficult time for many people in our community. If you’re in a position to contribute, we need your ongoing support more than ever.

Regional SA has been battered by drought and bushfire and is now experiencing increased isolation and economic hardship wrought by COVID-19. This tour is an opportunity to safely bring communities together, in artistic and educational activities, through the work’s unique crossover between music, science and geography.

‘Primordial’ was performed by pianist Gabriella Smart as a work-in-progress in the Athens Concert Hall in February 2020, and will feature as a world premiere in the Totally Huge New Music Festival in Perth in April 2021.

Following its world premiere, we’re launching the SA tour of ‘Primordial’. Your donation to this tour is a precious contribution to Australia’s cultural legacy through education. Performances of the work in regional SA schools will use art to inform and connect children with South Australia’s unique geological and scientific context.

Reviews of the Athens work-in-progress:

“Koukias’ sharp and at times fragile music miraculously reflected this vast landscape on the edge of the Australian desert”

“Ancient sounds stream from the piano and make us sit up and listen”.
– Sofia Theofanous, Association of theatrical and musical reviews, Estia Athens 2020

Thanks to the generosity of Creative Partnerships Australia’s ACF Boost program, EVERY TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DOLLAR YOU CONTRIBUTE UNTIL MAY 31 WILL BE MATCHED up to our target of $4,600.
So your impact is doubled! Every dollar that you donate counts: $50 converts to $100, $200 to $400, $500 to $1000!
You will directly contribute to Australia’s artistic legacy, in locations where art is most needed.
Donations raised will be used to pay artists performance fees, travel and accommodation for the May 2021 tour, with no hidden administrative costs.