Soundstream’s Artistic Director Gabriella Smart is currently undertaking a residency in Paris until early March 2020.
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Soundstream presents Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians, Elder Hall, March 13, 8pm, part of R.C.C.  2020. Presented by Soundstream in partnership with Recitals Australia. YOU CAN BOOK HERE.

In a South Australian first, Adelaide audiences will be able to hear Steve Reich’s minimalist masterpiece live in concert. Four pianists, seven percussionists and four singers feature in the line-up for this mesmerising work. Often regarded as Reich’s masterpiece, Music for 18 Musicians is generally regarded as one of the defining works of the 20th Century, and was included in David Bowie’s list of his 25 favourite albums of all time.
On release in 1978, the work’s impact on the new music scene was instant and overwhelming. Described by Alex Ross of The New Yorker as a ’40-year wonder’, Reich’s masterpiece continues to have an appeal and significance that transcends boundaries and defines timeless.