TONE LIST at Blue Touch

Sunday March 19, 5-7pm - 82 Cremorne St. Malvern
Entry by donation
Tone List Collective is Jameson Feakes (electric guitar), Sage Pbbbt (voice), Dan O’Connor (trumpet), Shoshana Rosenberg (bass clarinet), Josten Myburgh (electronics).
Simon Charles - Murrindindi [2016]
Olivia Davies - new work [2016]
Michael Pisaro - pieces from Harmony series no. 11 [2005]
Dan O’Connor - untitled (trumpet solo) [2017]
Shoshana Rosenberg - A Gold Ring in a Pig’s Snout [2016]
Shoshana Rosenberg - new work [2016]
Tone List Collective: New Vulnerabilities

As part of their eclectic March tour program, members of record label Tone List present chamber performances of newly commissioned works, experimental repertoire and prepared improvisations. Featuring new works by the Perth-based Dan O’Connor & Olivia Davies, Melbourne composer Simon Charles, and Adelaide-based Shoshana Rosenberg, as well as pieces from American composer Michael Pisaro’s harmony series, these pieces explore emerging perspectives on vulnerability and silence, and their political implications. They investigate means of scoring which can invite the participation of those with differing musical backgrounds, as well as performer-composer approaches, leading to works which are deeply engaged with the intimate relationships between performers, and between performers and their instruments. The resulting sound worlds are intimate, fragile, often contemplative, but occasionally confronting.
Josten Myburgh is a composer, organiser and performer based in Perth. He studied with Antoine Beuger, Stuart James and Lindsay Vickery. He is interested in generosity, vulnerability and passivity and their political implications within performance and within community. He has performed at Krakow AudioArt Festival, Cable#8 Festival in Nantes, Klangraum Festival in Düsseldorf and the Totally Huge New Music Festival in Perth.
Jameson Feakes is a guitarist and improvisor. He is engaged in new music performance with GreyWing Ensemble, Breaking Waves, and in duo with Josten Myburgh in Perth, as well as improvising solo and with the free jazz group ßß (eszetts). His guitar playing explores physicality, endurance, harmony and silence.
Shoshana Rosenberg is a queer, Jewish, eternal novice. Through experiments with the bass clarinet in meditation, chanting and traditional Klezmer music, she seeks to explore harmony and space. In her cultivation of transparent relationships with audiences, Shoshana allows witness to her increasingly complex dialogue between player and instrument, with all its failures and successes.
Dan O’Connor is a trumpet player and improvisor. He is a highly active experimental musician in Western Australia, working with the ensembles Gerygone, Breaking Waves, ßß (eszetts), Lee/Jacobs/O’Connor and more, and has performed in almost every experimental music venue and series. He is the initiator of the Tone List label and curates the Outlines series for new collaborations in improvised music, and the Residence series, inviting performers to explore a specific part of their practice in his studio over a number of consecutive concert evenings.
Sage Pbbbt is an experimental vocalist based in Western Australia, actively performing as part of the new music and improvised music scenes. Her singing practice takes inspiration from Tuvan and Mongolian overtone singing, Inuit throat singing, sound poetry and an ongoing exploration of extra-normal vocal technique. She also take influence from industrial musick, trance, and drone; insight meditation practice, urban/industrial shamanism and chaos magick; feminist, queer and trans praxis; and Discordianism.