Adelaide Central School Of Arts

7:00 PM
$25 Con $15

2 new works by Jon Rose and Erkki Veltheim

Gig Description

Picnic at Broken Hill by Jon Rose – Video Installation in Studio 2 from 7pm.
Two New Proposals… in Studio 1 at 8pm.
Picnic at Broken Hill …a musical transcription for solo piano of suicide letters

Rose’s work Picnic at Broken Hill was inspired by a true story that took place in Broken Hill with two Afghan ex-cameleers. On New Year’s Day in 1915, a picnic train carrying 1200 miners and their families was attacked by the two Afghans in protest against the invasion by the western allies of Turkey. Knowing they would die as a result, they both wrote suicide letters in Urdu. Picnic at Broken Hill is a musical transcription for solo piano of these suicide letters.
Two New Proposals for an Overland Telegraph Line from Port
Darwin to Port Augusta, from the Perspective of Alice Springs (World premiere, 58’) For detuned colonial piano and electronics by Erkki Veltheim, written for and performed by Gabriella Smart.  Electronic music that distills new music and history, embodied through the first piano to arrive in Alice Springs via Oodnadata by camel. Morse code played on colonial piano spells out the world’s most retweeted tweet of January 2015, reflecting our
universal obsession with trivia.
“Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter_ “If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever”
Presented by Adelaide Central School Of Art in association with Soundstream New Music

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